Topsoil can be used on a garden, laying a 2-inch layer over the specified area, mixing it thoroughly until it reaches approximately 4 inches with the existing soil. It can get quite difficult for first-timers. One of our most popular products, Garden Mix, has been pleasing Cincinnati gardeners for over twenty years. We can even drop the bag close to where you are working with our forklift. However, you need the perfect soil recipe. It is loamier than Garden Mix and is recommended for raised planter boxes. Topsoil, on the other hand, has no specific ingredients and can be the scraped top from weedy fields or other natural spaces mixed with sand, compost, manure, and a number of other ingredients. We now offer Terra-Mix. Mixing compost with topsoil or potting mixes provides all the benefits of compost and your garden soil or potting mixes. Many names are used including topsoil, triple mix, compost, potting soil, black garden soil, peat moss and garden soil. High quality screened topsoil is blended with 100% organic compost, producing a soil that is perfect for sod, seed, gardens, and raised beds. Option 1: The Simple Blend. Topsoil is a lot more like “dirt in a bag,” and is intended for widespread use in the garden. The raw ingredients used to make the compost, its age and the processing (composting) method used influence the nutrient value and quality. Once the soils are thoroughly mixed, apply topsoil to give the garden the desired depth on top of their base. If you get a well-balanced bed mix, it can produce up to four times more than row crops! Which is why we will tell you how to have the perfect soil mix recipe. To revitalize a garden bed, it’s topsoil you want rather than potting soil. Potting Soil in the Garden. You can make your own compost or purchase it in bulk or bags. In general, use potting soil for container gardening, garden soil for planting in flower or vegetable beds (you have to mix it with existing soil), and topsoil for larger projects or if your lawn or garden is in need of greater soil volume (for instance, if there’s been soil … Back to the original question, there is no particular risk or danger in using potting soil in outside garden areas. You can choose to discard the top layer of your soil to avoid weed and grass contamination. The soil in raised beds tends to warm faster as well, which means you will get a head-start in the season for growth. We also offer standard fill soil and clay, and we can … We deliver in tidy bulk bags which means no mess! High-quality enriched soil tends to cost more than topsoil, but the needs of your garden – and not the price of the landscape material – should be the deciding factor. Go to any garden center and you will find a large range of products that all look like soil. Screen your topsoil (or buy a truckload of screened topsoil) and mix it thoroughly with equal parts screened compost (kitchen, mushroom, manure, and/or fish). Keep in mind, too, that if you have a large area to cover, you can consider combining the two soils. To start, add some fresh compost where your garden plot will be. Try this if you are filling many large beds, or if you have access to plenty of healthy loam. Our dark Terra-Tote soil is the best garden soil available in the Mid-Atlantic. If you’d prefer not to have your soil tested prior to re-amending it, you have a few options to prepare your garden beds for the upcoming planting season. You can mix this into the soil if you’d like, but it is not totally necessary. It doesn’t work well by itself, and is meant to be more of a soil conditioner than an actual planting medium.