Answer the Queries of others. SHE has clearly instructed that mooladhar chakra is above the sex organs in our has nothing to do with sexual desires.any mantra or chant done to acquire sexual desires will never work out on mooladhara chakra.mooladhar chakra is responsible for one's chastity and innocence.its deity is lord ganesh and its a much prevailed myth that mooladhar is responsible for our sexual desires.thankyou.pal. by Team Vedic 1.7k Views. Mr.Ashok I have red velvet asan with me,but iam using this aasan for my general pooja purpose,can i use this aasan for this kaamdev sadhana?,any rules and regulations to follow during the 40days sadhana? A most powerful Mantra Sadhana to invoke Vishnu is given here. Use white clothes2. It has been taken for granted and been seen as a fulfilled prophecy of Nostradamus. Dear friends! To invoke Maa Durga you need to chant mantras. The power of this mantra is very great, life-giving, and healing. Thanks Mr.Sandy, this is really helpful. Its cleansing power is strong, and it treats even viral disease, for example, flu or severe cold. This rule only applies for vashikaran, mohan and sammohan mantras. Fasting is necessary. This is an Aghori Protection Mantra from the Rudrayamala Tantra. Did you find any reliable date. This mantra when chanted in a proper way along with the other rituals performed by Guruji can show tremendous results in just 41 days. Mohan Mohey Sarvaste Namah Swaha. Rudrayamala Tantra Mantra. Here are five of the most popular and powerful Hindu mantras you can practice, what the mantra implies in common words, along with the importance and benefits: Shri Ganesh Mantra. Usually, some mantras work only if you chant it 108 or 1008 times. There are also Shaabri Mantras composed by the nine Saints and Masters the Navnath’s of the Nath Sampradaya which are useful in the acquisition of material pursuits as well as the essential requirements to lead a contented life. Enemies might create problems on your smooth path and so it is vital that you just find the right way out and solve your issues as you need to. Moreover, chanting this mantra will make your relationship stronger and long-lasting. You wish to have a memorable time with the person you long for. I would like to clarify that if people are intending to do this Sadhana to be attractive and have a magnetic personality then it is very good. Its.. the mantra “OM” If you want a moment of peace , Chant OM Too Many Worries, Feeling Overwhelmed, Chant OM Feeling Anxious, Feeling Fear, Chant OM. It is normal and natural to get attracted to the opposite sex of any age. Mantras Most Powerful Mantras of Popular Hindu Gods and Goddesses By Ramesh. any kamdev and mohini mantra are Amogh vilakshan mantras. Thus cud you provide a diagram or a web link of true kamdev yantra.3) is fasting absolutely necessary or consuming proper satvik meals can b allowed.Thanking you and hoping for reply asap. You will enjoy the company of the presence of your beloved romantically. Thank you Mr.ashok,so no need to maintain bharamacharya and avoid smoking during sadhana!,Mr.Ashok final doubt,do i need to have bath every time i do this 25 rounds of sadhana? Mr.Ashok please clarify the above doubts too,i will be very glad and can start this sadhana when time comes,thank you :), Use a common Kamdev puja yantra and you can eat anything at anytime you wish. white clothes arent necessary but preferable. You can fulfill your desire for love and sex with the help of this mantra. Dear SirCould you please confirm, if any restrictions on non-veg food and alcohol during this sadhana?Thank you. The practice given here is Satvik in nature and does not work if performed with malefic intentions. It is the vashikaran mantras that will use its powers to make your dream come true. Mantain Brahmacharya and avoid any kind of toxic substances. 4. If one has a close look at the Prophecies of Nostradamus, and more specifically those relating to France, then one will notice these prophecies are filled with landmarks. Likewise, you’ll find that the life you want will be manifested. Most Powerful Maa Durga Mantras for all Situations. This mantra disinfects the energy field around the person. Suddenly you start feeling that the presence of that woman makes you happy. This is considered a most powerful mantra to destroy enemies. You wonder what are the special things about your average looking friend. There are numerous categories of such mantras like – Videshan – To create fights amongst enemies and divide them. 1) Yantras and malas both should be energised2. I read on a page "they (women who worship you 'kamadev') by strictly observing vows to acquire a husband don't know such husband can not provide protection to you and your children"Talking about life,in long run everyone want a loving partner and love is utmost care and more than this due respect. It is one of the most ancient and powerful mantras of the Vedic era, which has come down to us through the millennia. om visvaaya naam gandharvalochni naami lousatikarnai tasmai vishwaya swaha. 3. Plzzz let me know. Om Namah Shivaya mantra is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is one of the most powerful mantra in Hinduism. Thank you Neel Sir and Ashok Sir for your invaluable post. This mantra has to be recited 108 times taking the name of the enemy, who is harming you. The mantra is a Stambhan mantra to stop the enemy in his tracks. These mantras can be used to come out of any kind of worst situation. The Rudrayamal Tantra mantra for destroying enemies is one of the most powerful black magic mantras. The use of mantras of unique frequencies is used along with certain rituals to cast a spell of attraction over someone or even a spell of mass attraction. The mantra is a Stambhan mantra to stop the enemy in his tracks. This is an Aghori Protection Mantra from the Rudrayamala Tantra. By Ashok Mehta Today I have shared a very simple but very powerful Mantra Sadhana of the Hindu Love Deity Kamdev. He is also called as Vigna nivaraka which means the one who dispels all troubles and complications. Vashikaran Mantra For Control. By reciting these mantras regularly brings you success, peace, good luck and removes all obstacles. .No matter howsoever difficult the specific want may be, this mantra is said to give success. Fast daily and eat only once a day. So also is the Hindu God of wealth Kuber.$ Money Mantra for the whole for 2019 year! Stambhaya Bhanjaya Bhanjaya . These problems keep you busy in finding the solution one after another. Vashikaran Mantra For Seduction, Vashikaran mantras are a very powerful type of solution for almost all such problems that are not going away otherwise. Ganesha mantras are one of the most significant mantras. It is said that Hindu mantras if chanted properly, can be the source of positive energy for individuals. A mantra is a combination of the syllabus which has been so framed and structured that, when pronounced correctly, concentrates cosmic energy into the individual’s spiritual energy. Hence you can try vashikaran mantra for seduction. Moreover, he or she can give her consent for a romantic link-up with you. It must also be remembered that whenever you pray to Vishnu, you are automatically incurring the blessings of Laxmi as well. You look for chances when you can go near her because you want to be with her all the time. You will get the opportunity to spend some romantic and memorable time with the person you like. This is the Hindi version of the Shirdi Sai Baba Kasht Nivaran Mantra, a powerful prayer dedicated towards Sai Baba of Shirdi to ward off difficulties in life. all are so wonderful. You can develop a liking for an unmarried girl or married woman and want to fulfill your desire with her. Besides that, you want to go on a romantic trip with the desired woman where no one can disturb you. At this time you will certainly get help from vashikaran mantra for seduction. So make sure you unlearn quite a few things, and learn what successful others already know. So here are some of my favorite money mantras! Moreover, when you sue these mantras your intentions should not be to cheat anybody. Vishnu manifested as Mohini, an unparalleled beauty, in order to attract and destroy Bhasmasur an invincible demon. !,at what time i have to eat? Mr.Ashok thank you so much,all my doubts are clear and iam good to do this sadhana,Mr.Ashok can i get your mail id?,i have requested Mr.Neel for your mail id a few days back using contact form of this website,but i didn't got any reply,this is my mail id,feel free to hail me,i have some personal questions to ask you,thank you... Hello Sandy, when you planded to do this sadhana? People have used this (and similar mantras) for thousands of years to destroy enemies and to crush the competition. In today’s world, mantras are considered to be powerful meditational tools. Ganesha Mantras For a Peaceful Life. The meaning: Om – The vibration that represents the creation of the universe. Just simply search Kamdev yantra on google and get a printout of the yantra image.3. This is a universal healing mantra that can be used for healing headaches, chronic fatigue, depression, and neuroses. Most Powerful Vashikaran Mantra to Control Mind of Anyone or Kisi Bhi Stree Purush ke Mansik Akarshan Ka Shaktishali Vashikaran Mantra. Your email address will not be published. Sit only facing north. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Pinterest Email. It can protect against incurable diseases, accidents of all kinds, various influences, both from outside and from within, helps to purify the subtle and physical body if it is chanted with sincerity and faith. The 5 Most Powerful Hypnotic Seduction Techniques Imagine that you can pick up anyone you want at any place of convenience, whether it’s at the bar, the library or the shopping mall. Thereafter, mantra meditation easily subdues the aspirant’s mind. When you try the mantras it will have a commanding effect on the mind of your fantasy man or woman. Your heart vibrates on seeing the desired woman and you do not want to control your feelings. ravi or guru pushya nakshatra6.THere wont be any problem. She is pure and holy who protects those who surrender to her and is also called the Mother of the three worlds. The post has not been written by me so you have to follow the method given by the author. This is a mantra which will attract everyone, and make them come under your spell of attraction. It is the powers of the vashikaran mantra for seduction that he or she will come closer to you. Wish you good luck. Why the most attractive women in your office are driven to your average looking friend. Moreover, if you are desperate to seduce a woman you should try vashikaran mantra for seduction. These mantras give successful results to the people trying it. Besides that, you should understand that vashikaran mantras are special mantras to help you with your problems. Dear mehta sir, i scanned thru all the posts,comments and their replies.But some questions arose in my mind and it wud b relly helpful if u cud clear my mind.1)the posts written by u suggest that sadhak has to use kamdev yantra. The mantra that you should chant is Om Kleem Shreem Sown ShriVaisyaMohini to attract the desired man or woman towards you. And this amazingly powerful mantra is so simple and and easy to chant, that you will be surprised. It has originated from the Bhagavata Purana. These are powerful Hindu Mantras and Yantras for wealth, prosperity and abundance. This is considered a most powerful mantra to destroy enemies. And … Hanuman Mantra for getting physical strength, stamina and power. If you practice vashikaran mantra for seduction you will get what you are waiting for. These problems keep you busy in finding the solution one after … Uchatan – To remove enemies from tour life. Because God really does. Your liking for a particular woman can make you crazy for her. White Jambhala Mantra For Money Energy Activation. This mantra is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. Some of the most powerful Hindu Mantras. The way they dress, the way they talk, the way they walk, etc. About this Song=====Om Namah Shivaya or AUM Namah Shivaya is the Most powerful Mantra. This mantra has to be recited 108 times taking the name of the enemy, who is harming you. Muslim Mantras are very powerful and bring you to result very soon. So, does it have to b a jaagrut/siddh/abhimantrit yantra or a simple yantra wud suffice.2)i cud not get kamdev yantra anywhere in the market and lot of people do not even know how it is prepared. Mr.Ashok, Please put a post about energising mala & yantra as common people dont know how to do it. A popular section of covert hypnosis, hypnotic seduction techniques, will allow you to do just that if applied successfully. These Powerful Maa Durga Mantras are chanted by people throughout the year and especially in Navaratri. Ashok sir 3 times possible nahi hoga mereliye, 2 times 75 roserie s kar sakte hai? With this mantra you can take over control of your life and you will also be able to control people who bother you too much. Most Powerful Healing Mantras 1.Gayatri Mantra. These mantras give successful results to the people trying it. Can we do 75 rosery just in one sitting instead of doing for three different times? Your beloved will certainly come into your arms hence you can fulfill your desire. You have to chant this mantra with all the belief in your heart. Don't miss the HUGE SALE on Aliexpress! Observe fasts, worship kamdev yantra daily and offer naivedya of white sweets5. हं पवन ननदनाय स्वाहा | Hang Pawan Nandnaay Swaahaa. 3 Most Powerful Kamdev Mantras: Power, Benefits and Procedure. Sometimes you do not see a solution even after trying it very hard. Neel N is the founder of This is considered to be an extremely powerful and effective Mantra for success in any venture or success in any pending matter like court cases or litigation or a matter relation to your Protection or Wealth . Ashok sir kamdev is the god of desire,does desire here mean only gratification of senses. You face so many problems and challenges in your day to day life that keeps you on your foot. When she is not near you, you miss her badly. This one here is a most powerful Vashikaran mantra for attraction which is used to attract any person you feel most attracted to,it can be anyone. It is clear that you want that woman at any cost. These are the dreams you want to fulfill but you do not have a proper way. And vashikaran mantra for seduction can make your wish possible in every sense. If you want to attract that woman to fulfill your desire you should try vashikaran mantra for seduction. Ancient Hindu and other Indian religious texts and scriptures have prescribed various mantras to rid oneself of enemy troubles. You have to chant it in such a powerful way that you imagine your lover in front of your eyes and feel like they are yours. Goddess Durga represents Prosperity, Power, Justice, Morality, Strength and Protection. Respected Sir,Thankyou for sharing this beautiful sadhna.I have few questions,1.IS there any restriction regarding the clothes and the aasan during japa?2.can we light a diya and insence sticks during japa?3.which direction we should face while doing japa?4.are there any rules we should follow during sadhna days?5.can u suggest some more auspicious dates or muhuratas so that we can start sadhna as soon as possible?6.i worship Lord HANUMAN everyday,will it be a problem if i worship both of them together,because of their opposite nature,one is brahmachari,and other one related to desires?Thank you, 1. It is a personality developing mantra and not vashikaran/mohan mantras, There is no doubt in it when people say that God is watching. Share. Mohini Vidhya or मोहिनी विद्या in Hindi is the ancient Hindu science of attraction. Thereafter when ever you wish to attract anyone you have to recite this mantra 11 times taking the name of the person you wish to attract. Not to aakarshan mantras. Repeating this mantra over and over again leads to a transcendental mode or a state of pure concentration. Shastri Ji This is a powerful Attraction Mantra for the purposes of Vashikaran from the ancient Hindu scripture the Rudrayamala Tantra. And the timings are okay. He is often found with his consort Rati in the paintings or pictures depicting his powers. Today I want to share with you some very powerful money mantras, which can be a very powerful tool for activating the energy of wealth and ensure the flow of abundance. Websites/Bloggers are required by Law to put attribution link back to this site if they use the contents under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Licence This work is licensed, Shirdi Sai Baba Kasht Nivaran Mantra-Hindi, Nostradamus-prediction of revolution in India, Paranormal Remedy For Protection From Lightning, Mantra Remedies for All Kinds of Problems, Yantra to Become Independent and Powerful, Healing Health Problems By Gayatri Mantra, Indian Astrology Yogas for Early Marriages, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4 International License. Krishna Mantra For Getting Lost Love Back, Your email address will not be published. Besides that, whenever she passes by you your heart starts beating fast. Marriage is the one event in life which is on the minds of most men and women. It becomes your top wish to have physical relation or romance with the woman you love. This works on both the genders and is a very powerful mantra when chanted in the right way. This it has been stated in the Tantra will destroy his intellect. He tells you in English and Hindi about Mantras and Remedies for Healthy Living and Exploring the Unknown Universe. This mantra will help you in keeping the desired woman around you. Over the past few years this site has published dome specific mantras, remedies, yantras, spells and charms which are popular in India to ensure success in all kind of marriages; loved and arranged and remove hindrances which obstruct someone from getting married. and what i have to eat?,is it necessary to maintain bharamacharya and avoid non-veg food and smoking? In transcendental meditation, Guru initiates the seeker. Not only the geography, but also even proper names are mentioned. When you practice the vashikaran mantra for seduction you can fulfill all your sexual desire without problems. It is one of the most ancient and powerful mantras of the Vedic era, which has come down to us through the millennia. The Kamdev Mantra Experiment described below is said to make the Mantra Chanter as charismatic and alluring to the opposite sex as Kamdeva himself and the opposite will find the practitioner to be irresistible and seductive. Maran – To kill an enemy. Your lust for a woman can compel you to do anything to win her. Continuous repetition of mantras leads to spiritual awareness in a person and leads them on to the path of truth, love, and peace. The Mantra Sadhana is very simple and straightforward and … Read more Marriage Mantras - Remedies. For English version see- Shirdi Sai Baba Kasht Nivaran Mantra-English. Here are a few mantras which have tremendous power to bring the grace of Lord Hanuman: Hanuman Mantra 1. Commercial use is strictly prohibited and illegal. This it has been stated in the Tantra will destroy his intellect. Required fields are marked *, Love Problem Solution By Astrology Prediction, Expert L.K. This is primarily the reason why the Kleem Beej is found in numerous Hindu Mantra. Use red velvet aasan. He is the son of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. Stambhan – To immobile the movements of an enemy. excellent sadhana,this sadhana is the answer to most of the problems facing by humans,thank you Mr.Ashok and Mr.Neel...thank you so much :-)Mr.Ashok,on the first day of sadhana at what time i have to start doing this sadhana?,and please mention the 3 timings in a day that we have to perform this sadhana? This is an Aghori Protection Mantra from the Rudrayamala Tantra. But the moment you block out this most powerful mantra for wealth, you’ll find that your success will start to dwindle. Besides that, you are good looking but you have to put lots of efforts in gaining the attention of women. Read more Marriage Mantras - Remedies. Most Powerful Muslim Mantra. The best thing is that the woman automatically comes closer to you to fulfill your desire. Besides that, it is very tough to resist the feeling of seduction taking place in your body. Hanuman Mantra 2. Hence its advised to only do under proper guidance. The vashikaran mantra is chanted 21 times in a cycle of 108 beads for a period of 41 days with a red … This it has been stated in the Tantra will destroy his intellect. ॐ हनुमते नमः | Om Hanumate Namah. Hence you should use them in your real problems and not for misuse. Email :, Sorry, you have Javascript Disabled! September 13, 2017 By Prashant Bhot 2 Comments. 6. Keeping Kamdev yantra is necessary. You can perform achaman beform starting the japa. Also, a highly powerful mantra, means that Devi Maa is the most auspicious one and the one who bestows auspiciousness upon all of the worlds. The science of Mohini Vidhya can be traced to the Hindu Goddess Mohini Devi who is the only female manifestation of Vishnu, the Protective force out of the Hindu trinity of the Creator, the protector and the Destroyer or Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. It is the way to get siddhi in it. Of course, you do not want to use power to get closer to the woman. But it is also true that average men are also able to get the attention of beautiful women. Mantra To Increase Love Between Husband And Wife, How To Get Your Ex Husband Back From The Other Woman, How To Get Your Ex Back By Law of Attraction, Spell To Make Someone Pay For Hurting You, Love Problem Solution Astrologer In Ahmedabad, Online Love Problem Solution Specialist In Delhi, Totke To Convince Parents For Love Marriage, Husband Wife Dispute Problem Solution Baba Ji, Mantra For Love Marriage To Convince Parents, Mantra To Win Lottery Jackpot And Gambling, अन्य जाति में प्यार शादी के लिए माता पिता को समझाने के उपाय, प्रेम विवाह के लिए माता पिता को समझाने के लिए टोटके. This mantra cannot be used for ulterior motives. Please do not expect answers for obvious or personal questions. You can use vashikaran mantra to fix these issues of your life. Moreover, your desperation for bringing the lady closer to you is growing day by day. It is better if you chant this mantra 108 times especially on Friday. Jambhala is one of the most revered Tibetan gods of abundance. The mantra is a Stambhan mantra to stop the enemy in his tracks. This is an Aghori Protection Mantra from the Rudrayamala Tantra. The mantra is a Stambhan mantra to stop the enemy in his tracks. Mr.Ashok,Is it necessary to wear white clothes during sadhana?,is it necessary to sit facing north during sadhana?,is it necessary to keep kamdev photo infront of me and kamdev yantra during sadhana?,you said we have to do 25 rosaries 3 times in a day,1st 25 rosaries between 7a.m-8a.m,2nd 25 rosaries between 1p.m-2p.m,3rd 25 rosaries between 7p.m-8p.m,thus these timings okay? Hanuman Mantra 3 It can protect against incurable diseases, accidents of all kinds, various influences, both from outside and from within, helps to purify the subtle and physical body if it is chanted with sincerity and faith. This is considered a most powerful mantra to destroy enemies. Ashok sir guru pushya yoga Ravi pushya yoga kab hai? Feel free to speak your mind and share your thoughts and knowledge. Most of the mantras are either chanted aloud or spoken softly in order to create a trance-like state for the reciter. His weapon is a bow made of sugarcane and arrow made of flowers. This mantra has to be recited 108 times taking the name of the enemy, who is harming you. If you fantasize any woman, it is hard to control your feeling towards that woman. Most Powerful Katyayani And Parvati Mantra For Marriage. This is considered a most powerful mantra to destroy enemies. The mantra will bring that lady closer to you and you can certainly fulfill your desires. One of the most powerful vashikaran mantra in this world is: Om Chamundaay, Jai Jai Stambhaya. Vashikaran Mantra For Seduction, Vashikaran mantras are a very powerful type of solution for almost all such problems that are not going away otherwise. The vashikaran mantra will give positive results in a few days of practicing. Namah – It means to bow or show adoration. Kamdev (Kamadeva) is the God of love, desire and sexuality. The contents of this site are Copyrighted. Muslim mantra siddhialways gives you fast and positive desired results. Mobile : +91-9001099197 (WhatsApp/Viber Video Call Available) Ashok Sir, next Ravipushya yog is on 25 September and next Gurupushya yog on 12 December. i am whole heartedly interested in doing this sadhna. But if this Sadhana is done with intentions to have only fun/physical relations with numerous opposite sex candidates then the results can be very destructive.Please let me know if my point makes any sense. See instructions. Vashikaran Mantra For Seduction. The power of this mantra is very great, life-giving, and healing. This mantra has to be recited 108 times taking the name of the enemy, who is harming you. There can be contrary views in this regard, the Muladhara Chakra is the source of the dormant Kundalini Shakti, it the source of the basic instints, which include sex, the second Chakra, the Svadhishthana is primarily responsible for sexual activity. Chanting of this mantra will provide courage and the word … Just try It. The vashikaran mantra will make her crave for you and she will come to you without any hesitation. Moreover when your liking is driven with a feel of lust you want to romance that lady. Even though there is no specific temple that worships … If you by any way use any vashikaran karm mantras for lustous wishes, you are going to take up unimaginable amount of sin, Just want to make a correction from my side.i am a normal person with very less spritual accent but i am very sure about a point in this sadhna by virtue of my great guru who has very subtle knowledge about chakras. If you wish to get rid of the enemies then you will have to rely on the “Most powerful Kali Mantra to Destroy Enemy “. It is said that “Gopis” worshipped and prayed to Devi Katyayani to be able to woo and get married to Lord Krishna. This question keeps your mind busy in finding the reason for the same. Does kamdev worship provides the entire of it or he just grants the sexual desires? Besides that, her absence makes you restless and you feel like doing nothing that day. It is said that just chanting OM , 3 times, can lower the heart rate, make you 20% more calm within just few seconds. If you like a woman you can use vashikaran mantra for seduction. Information/HTML given in comments is not endorsed by this site See New Comment Policy, During the course of the past many years, we have stressed upon the inherent powers and the most powerful vibrations emitting form the Kleem Mantra Chant. I have been told that this Mantra really works wonders if recited with faith and concentration. however, it is advised that those people who do not have a guru shud stay away from any kind of siddhi and sadhna procedure.thus, my question is that is there any way for me and for several other people who do not have a guru to accomplish various sadhnas?????? To see this page as it is meant to appear, please enable your Javascript! You can face issues in your studies, jobs, and even in love life. The lady works in your office and you often exchange conversation with her. So what is the best possible way in such circumstances? Attracting abundance has been changing only in the sense of how we’re learning to create a great life. This Sadhana is performed to gain all round success, happiness and contentment in life. This it has been stated in the Tantra will destroy his intellect. Mr.Ashok,most of my doubts are cleared thank you,please refer me the kamdev yantra i have to use in the sadhana,eat only once a day!! Moreover, you just cannot keep your eyes off to him or her because you are hooked to them. Sometimes the personality and the appearance of the opposite sex are powerful that it has a lasting impact in your mind. Your dreams are full of romancing the lady in every possible way. Good looks, good physique, bank balance, and a charming personality play an important role in attracting women. Katyayani mantra for marriage is a traditional procedure that stems from Hindu mythology. As I noted in the book ‘Crack the Hidden Laws of Life’, most mantras are ineffective unless a guru initiates it to you. Is there any other good day in July or August I can start? Ashok sir, is klim pronounced as kling here? dear mr.mehta, i am an avid and regular reader of your posts. This mantra has to be recited for total repetitions of 100,000 times,after which you attain Siddhi[mastery] over the mantra. The Goddess Mahalaxmi is the Hindu Goddess of plenty. This Nostradamus Quatrain has been popularly referred to as the description of the French Revolution. 2) Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra the name of the mantra itself says that it is one of the most powerful mantras of lord Shiva which can increase the lifespan of a person.