Click here to get your succulent identified and learn more about growing healthy succulents! Aloe vera is a fleshy green succulent plant that is characterized by its gel-filled leaves that have a soothing, healing nature. Share this post with your succulent loving friends! Even window sills have less light than it seems because much is filtered by the glass. While you cannot use the venation of a succulent to help identify it, there are lots of other clues that will tell what your succulent is. These succulent walls make … That way you don’t have to check back on the website to see if someone has left a comment. There are many plant identification apps out there, for both Apple and Android, but some readers have had better experiences with these: Are there any apps you use to identify your succulents? If you are photographing in a dark area or sometimes indoors, you may get a weird color cast which can make the color of the plant look different. In general people like to help those who are interacting with them or are involved in that community. You’ve likely found that many places you buy succulents locally don’t label the specific genera or species of succulent. Some of them are much more likely to grow well for you than others. Whether you’re just catching onto the trend now, or you’ve been building succulent terrariums since before it was cool, you probably would like to know exactly what is in your succulent garden. When they are watered, they should be watered thoroughly. Check out our tips for growing and caring for succulents. I do believe I found this plant at local drugstore. Ok, we get it. Echeveria is a large group of succulents that have lovely foliage arranged in a rosette shape. Copyright 2013-2020 Succulents and Sunshine LLC. From panda plants to dolphin succulents to lipstick echeveria, here are 10 trendy, colorful, unique types of succulents every plant lover should know about. This Gallery of Succulents is probably the hardest way to identify your succulent, but it is still a helpful resource. That’s where PlantSnap comes in. While not all succulents flower freely in cultivation, there are quite a few of them that do. Make sure the succulent is well lit. Propagating succulents can be a big money saver if done correctly. I’m usually able to get a response within a few minutes. In general, the leaf shape of a succulent and the pattern it grows in is one of your best bets. Try to photograph the plant on its own rather than in an arrangement. Ice plants need no mowing, require very little … Succulents can be planted alone or among other plants. While succulent pots don't have the watering and maintenance requirements of other plant types, there are some things they need. We are continuously working to improve PlantSnap and one of the most important aspects is creating a better database, so you are just as much a part of our team as the developers are! Aloe vera is a common type of succulent that can grow both indoors and outdoors Aloe vera is one of the most well-known types of succulents. Succulents store water in their leaves, making them drought-friendly and low-maintenance houseplants for those who work odd hours, frequently travel, or have little interest in fussing. Definitely check out the course to get help with your succulent IDs and learn a lot more! You can look at different genera of succulents or search through photos based on characteristics of your succulent. You’ll need to set up an account in order to post in the forum, but it’s free and really easy. Luckily for most amateur succulent gardeners, most succulents require similar care and conditions: they like almost full sunlight, well-drained soil, and low humidity. Succulents can be tricky to identify. Pintrest (and the rest of the internet). It’s perfect for growing indoors … This Gallery of Succulents is perhaps one of the hardest ways for … It gives growing information for over 75 succulents too! Go with whatever method works best for you and try to get at least the genus of your succulent, and the species if possible. I think I figured it out. It’s my Types of Succulents page. I’ll do the hard work for you. Other sources exclude roots as in the definition "a plant with thick, fleshy and swollen stems and/or leaves, adapted to dry environments". The Succulent Plant Page Gallery. Whether you’re just catching onto the trend now, or you’ve been building succulent terrariums since before it was cool, you probably would like to know exactly what is in your succulent garden. You don’t pay any extra but the commissions help us provide free information on the website. Here are a couple groups you could request to join: Always be sure to thank the people that have replied with suggestions! There really isn’t a right or wrong way of combining succulent plants. Plus, in addition to getting the name of your succulents, you’ll also get the amazing course which teaches you how to help your succulents thrive! Cacti are a type of succulent, but not all cacti are succulents. This quick growing succulent goes by many names, the most common is String of Bananas. All you need is succulents, cactus mix, a saucer, spray bottle, sunlight or grow lights. , and they’re largely concentrated in a few families that all look pretty similar. As you already know, I feel quite strongly that you should know the names of the succulents you own. Albuca. I will also diagnose any problems you’re having with your succulents. 44 Types of Succulents Senecio Radicans. On it are different varieties of succulents, updated weekly. Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you make a purchase through these links. This page has helped 68,228 succulent lovers learn about their succulents this month!. Given the right environment and care, some succulents will flower without fail every year. Ask your question below: Did you know each species of succulent has slightly different care needs? Click here to learn which succulents you should be growing and details about over 75 succulent varieties! Aside from their mesmerizing aesthetic, succulents are also famously easy to take care of—another huge selling point for all of us busy bees. Click here to learn about individual types of succulents. Your email address will not be published. Types of Succulents. What types of succulents produce flowers? 11 Edible Mushrooms in the U.S. (And How to Tell They're Not Toxic Lookalikes), 5 Houseplants That Produce the Most Oxygen, All Your Questions About Instant Flower Identification, Answered. This potting mix from rePotme is a superior blend that’s handcrafted in small batches to make sure it maintains the… Something to keep in mind, once you have been given the name of your plant do a quick search on Google images for that name. Getty Images. I’ve found people in Facebook groups are more likely to give you feedback or tips than members in a forum. Some succulents, such as cacti, store water only in the stem and commonly lack leaves. Click here to join the Succulents and Sunshine Community on Facebook and get help with identification. That’s why in my course, Successfully Growing Succulents, there’s a section where you can upload your photo and I’ll get it identified for you. Few sights can compare to a hillside massed with ice-plant flowers. While there are plenty of succulent identification guides out there, you might want to just get an answer with an app. It gets this... Senecio Serpens. While some types of succulents have somewhat exacting care requirements, most are easy to grow because they evolved with special water-storage tissues that allow them to survive in environments that are too dry for most other plants. Succulents make great house plants or an addition to your garden and do not require a large amount of care. The better the picture, the more likely people will be able to identify the plant. They’re more likely to thrive or bloom if you give them the best possible care. PlantSnap will identify trees, flowers, cacti, and succulents. This lovely succulent is also called Blue Chalksticks. Home > Houseplants > How to Identify Succulents with an App. Generally people on this forum respond pretty quickly and sometimes reply in just a few minutes. Even a specialty store by my house just labels them as “Succulent Variety” or “Cactus Variety”. Be sure to capture a separate picture of the flowers or include it in the main photo if you can. Instead, post a couple pictures once a week or every couple of days. An example of a succulent with spike-like leaves. Use the methods in this post to determine what succulents you own! Learn more about succulent plants. Or, if you’re like me, you’ll just use an app to identify succulents. The hardy plants can take root anywhere, from a pot in a container garden to cracks in a stone wall. To grow sun-loving succulents … Their colors are hard to describe, they are rarely in flower, and they are mostly small and squat. The Garden Web Forum is a very reliable way to get an ID for your succulent. Succulent, any plant with thick fleshy tissues adapted to water storage. I have an ebook dedicated to helping you learn which succulents you should grow based on where you live, how often you like to water (or remember to water) and more. Like Luciana, I also think succulent #1 is likely to be an echeveria agavoides. All rights reserved. You’ll always need a good photo to ID your succulent (unless you are asking someone in person). There are thousands of varieties of succulents and some look quite similar. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Young plants can be harder to identify than well established plants, so realize you may not get a definite answer. You’ll likely come away with at least the genus of the plant, which is a great place to start! Using PlantSnap, identifying succulents is an easy step-by-step process: If you really want to get good at learning to identify succulents, there are a few key traits of each succulent that you should look for. Be sure to thank the people who’ve helped you! There are two ways to identify the type of cactus you have, the easy way and the hard way. And Why Do Farmers Do It. Help! Many types of succulents are inexpensive. Once you have the answer to each of these questions, you can take to the guidebooks and the internet to identify your succulent. Just sit back and wait for the reply. Some, like aloe, even have alternative or medicinal uses. In general, because they store water in their leaves, succulents can survive long periods of drought and do best in bright light and arid climates. We actually have a group just for Succulents and Sunshine readers (that’s you…) and we’d love to have you join! Succulents come in many varieties, providing the visual interest of striking shapes and textures, along with colorful summer blooms. Their fleshy foliage and wide range of shapes, forms, and colors are what really set them apart from any other kind of houseplant. All the details you need to know about individual Types of Succulents. Mini Succulent Wall. Click here to get the ebook and learn which succulents you should be growing! Also, be sure to learn about that succulent variety. Being interactive in these groups is also highly recommended. There are images of specific succulents, along with care and propagation information, as well as reader’s experiences! Don’t post more than 3 or 4 succulents for identification in a post. An example of a succulent that’s pebble-like. Their colors are hard to describe, they are rarely in flower, and they are mostly small and squat. Wait for the app to identify the succulent. This will only take a moment or two. Photograph the succulents you want to identify. Note: some of the resources below may be affiliate links, meaning I get paid a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you use that link to make a purchase. Photos, art, growing tips, sales/trades, news, and stories. An example of a succulent with hard, rosette-shaped leaves. While it’s nice to know 100% what type of succulents you own, getting close enough is what really matters. Does the succulent have any red on its leaves? While some succulents can tolerate low, indoor light (Jade, Haworthia, and Gasteria), most varieties stretch and fade when kept inside permanently. Try a few more angles and photos if you’re still getting the hang of the app. As long as you have at least the genus right and a good guess on the species, you’ll be on your way to being able to better care for your succulents. I wish you would include it in your PlantSnap synopsis. What can I help you learn about next? Everything You Need to Know About Acacia Trees, Florida Plant Identification for Beginners, Identifying the 27 Most Common Vegetable Plants, Interesting Plants Found in Temperate Deciduous Forests, How Plants Get Their Nutrients, and What Nutrients Plants Need to Survive, Top 10 Flowers to Grow for a Winter Garden, 18 Plants You Can Grow from Table Scraps (With Instructions), Rhubarb Benefits, Uses, and the Holy Grail of Pie, A Guide to James, Jellies, and Preserves: From Apples to Peaches. You can start by reading about the plant right within the PlantSnap app. PlantSnap will identify. Aloe vera is just one of over 500 types of aloe plants in the genus Aloe. Get help identify your succulents and see which ones will grow well for you! An example of a succulent that has leaves that are soft and rosette-like. You can look through the images and see which matches your plant the best. By definition, succulent plants are drought resistant plants in which the leaves, stem, or roots have become more than usually fleshy by the development of water-storing tissue. When I first started collecting succulents, being able to identify them seemed like a nightmare. In general, the leaf shape of a succulent and the pattern it grows in is one of your best bets. They all prefer a fast-draining potting medium that's not watere… Their leaves often don’t have obvious. It’s no secret that succulents are the trendiest houseplants on the market right now. Be sure that you’re framing the succulent properly. Simply click here to request to be in the group. Bowl: Make sure you use a container with a drainage hole in the bottom. There are thousands of varieties of succulents and some look quite similar. These plants can be grown in containers outside throughout Florida. Pintrest (and the rest of the internet) loves succulents. Another tool to help you identify your succulents identified is by using your phone! It is pretty tall measuring just above 5 inches from the top of the pot. A beautiful visual treat is a mini succulent wall. You are right succulents do well in zone 9. See if the majority of the photos there look like your succulent. It will make it harder for people to give you the correct answer for a specific photo, plus it’s asking a lot of the forum members. Many succulents blossom every now and then, but they often have quite small flowers.However, if you want big, noticeable ones these might be the best succulent plants for you: Spider aloe (Aloe humilis): It doesn't grow as tall as Aloe vera, but it has bright orange, spiky blossoms that will brighten any garden - and hummingbirds love them! If not, use that name as a starting point. The easy way is to install Google Lens on your smartphone and take a photograph of your cacti, Google will then identify it using AI and then provide you with listings which match your search. Knowing what types of succulents you own can help you better care for them because not all types of succulents need the exact same care. A great option for identification is an app put together by my friend Jacki at Drought Smart Plants called Succulent ID. You can post as many pictures as you want! Plus, it’s fun to be a part of a succulent group! However, make sure you can see enough of the plant that people can identify it. Succulents as a whole have very similar care needs. Succulents that have grown leggy or stretched out are PERFECT for propagation, especially if you hate the way they look. I’ve got a great new resource that I’m so excited about! There are a lot of different cultivars and hybrids with succulents as well. Echeveria. That’s where PlantSnap comes in. Does the succulent have any “baby leaves” growing off of the big leaves? Below are 18 beautiful succulents … An example of a succulent that’s pebble-like. Click here to visit the Types of Succulents page! Their leaves often don’t have obvious veins, and they’re largely concentrated in a few families that all look pretty similar. All of these commonalities means that it’s not as big of a deal to have “mystery succulents” than being unable to identify other plants in your garden. I’m more interested in Cacti than succulents. While it’s nice to know 100% what type of succulents you own, getting close enough is what really matters. If it is in an arrangement, try to crop or zoom in so that only the plant in question is visible. Considered one of the most attractive succulents, due to their colours and … That can cause some confusion with identification. And experts often mix slightly different succulent potting mix to better suit different types of plants (cold-tolerant Alpine, tree-dwelling epiphyte, or true desert), tolerate local weather conditions, their desire to water (or not), and even container size. I have no idea what type of succulent this is, and its dying. Senecio mandraliscae. "fat plants," welcome here! (Cacti are a subgroup of succulents that have areoles , which are mounds of flesh from which spines, hair, leaves, or flower grow.) Upload your photo as part of your post. 4,935 other succulent lovers also enjoyed this article in the last 30 days. ; Prince Albert Vygie (Bijlia tugwelliae): … Do a bit of research on the plants in your garden so you can care for them better going forward. succulents. If the container doesn't have one, drill several small holes. While there are plenty of succulent identification guides out there, you might want to just get an answer with an app. r/succulents: Anything and everything about succulents, a.k.a. Once you have an account you’ll need a photo of your succulent. She also has an ebook just for identifying Sempervivums which you can get here. I love posting my photos to Facebook groups to get IDs. How to Propagate Succulents that have Stretched Out. An example of a succulent with roundish leaves. And there are several types of slow-growing succulents that actually prefer lower light conditions. Albuca is a genus of flowering plants in the family Asparagaceae, subfamily Scilloideae. It has a pretty light … If your plant is in bloom it’s generally even easier for people to ID it. Identifying the succulents in your terrarium will help you give your succulents the best possible care. I’d recommend turning on the option to get updates about your post via email. A lot of times that can help get things moving more quickly. What you may use in the garden for hardy landscape succulents will likely vary a lot from what you use in containers. Succulents like the dry humidity and warm conditions found in most homes, and while they like direct light, they can adapt to lower light. Are the leaves of this succulent spike-like, soft and rosette-like, hard and rosette-like, pebble-like, or roundish? Succulents can be tricky to identify. Others, such as agaves and kalanchoes, store water mainly in the leaves. Echeveria. Ask people if they think it’s that plant or if it could be something different. You may also be able to get a cultivar name as well. There is enough variation in lighting and water requirements that it is important to know what types of succulents you have. There is enough variation in lighting and water requirements that it is important to know what types of succulents you have. I just had to read this as I am trying to make something and my succulents are a part of it. If they do, awesome! Privacy Policy   |  Terms of Use  |  Contact Us, ©2019 PlantSnap Inc. , Telluride, CO 81435, US, Ok, we get it. The Type of Succulents You Are Using The types of plants you want to use, including the color schemes, color combinations, shapes and sizes largely depend on your own personal taste. Not to be confused with a succulent commonly called "ice plant" that's a problem in northern CA, these groundcover succulents have brilliant blooms. An example of a succulent that has leaves that are soft and rosette-like. I have over a dozen Cacti needing to be identified. Some of the most popular succulents groups for growing in containers and in the landscape are Echeveria, Sedum, Sempervivum, and Kalanchoe. Do all succulents bloom? We have over 60 varieties featured with more added each week! But sometimes particular plants will need slightly different amounts of water or sunlight than others. While succulents generally do need plenty of bright sunlight, many can’t handle too much sun, as it can cause them to become sunburned. Most of my succulents are in pot s but I have planted the Desert Rose in the garden and it is thriving. Over the last few years I’ve found some great resources for getting help with succulent identification and you’ll find them below. If you have a guess about the genus or species, say so in your comment. What Do Plant Veins and Leaves Actually Do? If you like what we are doing and would like to know more about us, get the latest news or become an investor, give us your email and we’ll get in touch. The moral of the story is get the best picture you can of your succulent. An example of a succulent with roundish leaves.

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