The templates give example text that schools can use to: create and invite parents to contribute to a child’s individual healthcare plan ask for parental agreement for administering medicine If your child needs medications during school hours, it is important to keep in mind the following information. In a school setting, however, worries over improper dosage, lost or stolen medications, and prescription drug abuse have prompted states to enact restrictions on self-administration of medication at school. Actions Before School . Education Code 38.012 (1999) requires a school district or school to hold a public hearing before health care services are available in the schools. School districts/schools may apply for permission to delegate the administration of prescription medications to unlicensed school personnel as determined by the school nurse, provided that certain requirements are met. Federal law does not require or regulate self-administration of medication by school children. Medication administration to students is one of the most common health services provided in schools. In nursing school, you will learn that if you give a shot it MUST be given accurately or you can cause permanent damage and disability in the patient if you hit a nerve, bone, or muscle in the wrong way. The document explains the various laws impacting administration of medication in a school, and provides guidelines for developing an effective program including planning, implementation, and follow-up procedures. 1 Over the past few decades, the prevalence of chronic diseases has dramatically increased medication administration in a school setting, both public and non-public, defined in state law and regulation. Parents and Health Services staff work together to provide safe medication administration to students, if needed, during the school day. The administration of prescribed medication in schools is carried out by staff who volunteer and who are trained. The school nurse is not always available. Except in an emergency, only individual staff members who have volunteered and been trained will administer prescribed medication to students. Ask your pharmacist to divide your child's medication into 2 bottles, each with its own label so that one can be kept at home and one can be kept (if allowed) at the school. Join Donate Marketplace Subscribe. 0 comments 4018 views Permalink. However, if medication is necessary during the school day, there are guidelines that must be followed to keep your student safe. The Law and Self-Administration of Medication. The state statute lays out the requirements that must be met before the drug can … So, federal law requires - and the state statute allows - the school to provide the required training and designate the necessary number people to administer the medication. Medication Administration in Schools (Revised February 2017) By NASN Profile posted 03-13-2017 13:19 1 Like . The Guidelines for Administering Medications in Schools (no date available) requires students who have a chronic illness or disability to receive medication during the school day. This document has moved to a new web page. Therefore, if the student requires a person to administer medication in order to participate in a school sponsored event, including field trips, sporting events, clubs, and dances, the school should ensure that a person who can administer the medication is … We encourage parents to give medications before or after school whenever possible. You will also learn how to administer medications in a proper and "clean" manner to avoid nosocomial infections. Medication non-adherence at school has been linked to a variety of poor educational, social/emotional and physical outcomes. When an underlying health problem necessitates the administering of medication during the school day, school personnel can administer medication to enable the student to stay in school.

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