You can’t go wrong if serve piece of this cake with toasted pecans and  caramel sauce on top. Lol. The batter for magic cake is REALLY THIN! Do you have one that is peanut butter flavor? deliver fine selection of quality Banana & custard cake recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips. Hi Shanon, sorry I haven’t tried so I can’t tell will it be baked well. See more ideas about dessert recipes, food, recipes. Have received many compliments. Caramel Apple Spice Cake Recipe. Let’s get back to this Easy Banana Magic Cake. Preheat oven to 180 degrees C. Cream the butter and sugar in bowl; add the egg then add bananas. Sorry! Thanks Indy. I accidently used regular sugar on this one was that right the vanilla specified powdered sugar this one didnt:/, Omg this recipe is so good I loved it. Add flour, baking powder, then add baking soda dissolved in the milk. It’s delicious! Black Forest Cake Recipe. I placed it in the oven and started to clean up. I made this tonight and it was so good! Home cooking the old fashion way. Where does it go? It was easy to make and I tried it out of curiosity, but I won’t make it again. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. I have made the vanilla magic custard cake several times. Like the time I attempted this. GOING TO MAKE THIS TONIGHT TO TAKE WITH ME TO THE EASTER DINNER. How have you been? This a really nice dessert. Not worth your time!!! I have found that it saves a lot of time. Cover with half of the custard. I appreciate all the extra notes on the eggs. Banana & custard cake recipe. Hi Jovanna! I just made this. I love the “magic” that happens when it cooks. Videos, printable ingredients lists and full, written step-by-step instructions. I will post a pic after its done. Just combine all the ingredients together and cook until thick. This was a cake adventure for me. , Hi Tracy, you should take it from the oven earlier, I hopp it will be OK next time. Bake for 25-30 minutes. Remove from heat, let it cool and cover with food wrap. You should separate egg whites carefully, making sure that no part of the yolk fall into the egg whites. Mine wasnt “smooth” by any means. Good appetite! Thanks for this recipe! Put icing (powdered) sugar, corn starch, egg yolks, ½ cup of fresh milk in a bowl and stir. This was very easy to make!! While baking in the oven this mixture will separate and form three layers. This recipe came out great the only problem I had was when I looked it up it said 2 teaspoons of sugar, when I was finished baking the cake I read it again , and it said 3/4 cup of sugar. If anyone is curious, I calculated my batch to have 251 calories per serving (for ten servings). Also I got a lot of questions, about the filling. Tastes so good too!! Great recipe and very easy. Very hard to navigate page. I ended up “ruining” a couple of eggs trying to separate the white from the yolk (a.k.a., omelets for breakfast) and it took me a while to get stiff peaks, but it was worth it. Hey guys, it's Emma! Stir until sugar and cornstarch are dissolved. 5 ripe bananas (to go in the filling once the custard is cold) For the Topping: 2 cups heavy whipping cream 4 tbs icing (powdered) sugar 1 tsp vanilla Grated Chocolate or other sprinkles, decoration etc. No, just vanilla, chocolate and banana. Hi J, sorry, I’ve never tried it as a cupcake. A very old banana nut cake recipe which has been handed down through my family. Is that the way it’s suppose to be? I JUST MADE THIS! See more ideas about dessert recipes, food, recipes. Is that what you mean when using those two words in your recipe? I want to make it. […] if you love banana desserts like I do, check this Easy Banana Magic Cake, Banana, Bread Blondies and Banana Bread Cheesecake. I just put it back in for another 13 minutes. My husband isn’t a fan of banana anything but I’m making this cake again tonight , […] may also enjoy this Easy Banana Magic Cake from OMG Chocolate […]. Instructions: Make the custard as follows; 1. Hi Kaitlynne,sorry for kept you waiting. Thank you. In your vanilla recipe, you use powdered sugar. I used my favourite Vanilla Cake recipe but scaled it up a bit to make three 8″ layers. I ask as the texture is a bit different from typical cakes when I made it last night. Thanks Anna. Thanks for the recipe! Mine wasn’t smooth either. Happy baking ! Thank you again ! Preheat oven to 180 degrees C. Cream the butter and sugar in bowl; add the egg then add bananas. Do you think oat or almond milk will work for this recipe? […] Banana Cake: For detailed recipe click Here […], Can this cake be made with banana extract instead of the fruit for a birthday. How will I know if the cake is ready after 45 minutes? We’ve got you covered with all of the best recipes and cooking tips from home cooks like you. Do I need to refrigerate this once it is made or can I just leave it on the counter? Cream the butter and vanilla with a wooden spatula until soft. This banana custard cake is probably one of the most popular cakes I’ve ever baked, and yeah, I bake a lot of cakes. Like with all magic Magic Cakes, you make just one thin batter, pour it into a cake tin, and after baking you get a cake with 3 distinct layer. OMG…..The bomb…….One of the best recipes I have ever made…So delicious and truly magic. Like with all magic Magic Cakes, you make just one thin batter, pour it into a cake tin, and after baking you get a cake with 3 distinct layer. It smells great cooking but I probably messed up the layers! I checked it after 45 min and was still very jiggles so I went another 5 then 6,7,8 min and still jiggles, but I then took it out worried that I would overcook it. I cooked the 8×8 for 45 mins and the 9×13 for 60 minutes. Amazing! Mix to me equals by hand. I forgot to put the brown sugar in with the white sugar and egg yolks! Note that some products may not work as well without tracking cookies. Sounds so yummy. Hi, can I use dark brown sugar instead of light? I’m do excited Black Forest Cake Recipe. I tried it with the pumpkin. Cant wait to try it, it looks so good!! Thanks Vera! No idea if it got to you, so i figured I’d reach out to you again. Made this recipe several times and it’s fantastic! Custardy center just like I was hoping for. Thanks! Learn how to cook great Banana & custard cake . (And I don’t have to worry about my app crashing.). When the powder sugar is added on top: perfect sweetness. I was worried because there is no salt, but just follow the instructions and it will work out . I’m cooking it now, but I left out the brown sugar it’s still sitting on the counter. I love any thing with bananas ! My kids thought the magic part was cool! This time I wanted to try a new flavor for my magic cake. NOTES: The batter is very, very thin!!! Great Magic Cake I will bake it again. Chocolate Cake- The dry ingredients from 1 batch of this sugar free chocolate cake recipe (ie no butter, no vanilla extract, no eggs, no milk, and no water) or one box of sugar free cake mix. Loved this recipe! I am Vera, the food blogger behind Oh My Goodness Chocolate Desserts. Any reason for using regular sugar in this one? I would love to try this. Thanks for sharing! American Cakes Lane Cake History and Recipe History of Lane Cake and a Traditional Recipe for this Classic Southern Boozy Layer Cake From Food Historian Gil Marks Hello and welcome to my kitchen!!! Super easy and it turned out great. I like to eat it slightly warm. This website uses marketing and tracking technologies. Banana Custard Cake; moist and fluffy banana cake slathered in whipped vanilla custard buttercream frosting! And if you want to bake some […]. Hi Kathy, you don’t have to fold it completely, small lumps are OK. Spread the other half of the custard on the top of the second cake leaving 1-inch from the sides uncovered. Kat you still doing sweets? Hope to see you around! Don’t worry about the egg whites, they float on the surface and form the top layer. Since this has cornstarch and is finer, won’t that help with stiffening the mixture before folding in the egg whites? Welcome to my facebook page where you'll find many video recipes and much more! The layers came out beautiful I will definitely make it again thank you. Beat to me equals mixer. Mindy, how did the gluten free magic custard cake turn out? I left quite a few largish eqq white “curds” floating around in the batter and the end result was very good. . Still got those crazy blue eyes? I thought, this is not what I would call an extremely thin batter, but I carried on. Such a delicious cake and really nice to have a dessert that isnt super sweet! Would I need to add more flour or do you think it would be fine? Thanks! Cannoli Cake Recipe. I have a bunch of bananas right now & am thinking of freezing them so I dont have to throw them out. Like say in individual cup molds??? You make no mention of the tbsp of water in the ingredients and what about the brown sugar. Hi!! In a bowl, beat 1 egg white with 1/4 cup softened butter and shortening. Fold in the egg whites (1/3 at a time, then repeat until all of the egg whites are folded in). Thanks! Any ideas? I tried it twice and both times the dough was wet and oily, not cooked all the way through and fell apart. It also freezes well and and tastes amazing! Top with your favorite toppings -- chocolate syrup and whipped cream are great! For convenience, I make this with a store-bought graham cracker crust and top with whipped cream, but she used to make hers with a prebaked pastry crust topped with meringue. I made this and the top was beautiful! Looks yummy got to make this for my grandsons after school treat. I used stevia too. I’m curious to know if it can be doubled and baked in a 9×13 pan? Highly recommend to make..just don’t forget to add the milk (lol) and yes the batter is extremely thin. Could I used frozen bananas for this recipe? Thank you for the recipe. Delete what you don’t want, i.e. If you want delicious and professional recipes made simple and easy, you've come to the right place! Invert to a serving plate. I used a half cup of pure pumpkin (Libby’s in the can), some pumpkin spice, instead of the banana. It’s still pretty jiggles. Refrigerate for at least an hour. Jul 10, 2020 - Explore Amy Bacon's board "emma's goodies", followed by 159 people on Pinterest. Also, I have the correct size baking dish, only, it’s a pyrex baking dish about 1/2-2/3 of an inch thick. Butterscotch Cake. Keep mixing while you add 150g of the sugar, a spoonful at a time, until thick and glossy. Sounds very interesting, anyone tried it? Poured back into baking pan and I ended up baking it for about 50 minutes. Slowly beat in the milk and vanilla extract until well combined. In our house the adults loved it and kids didnt care for it. Carrot Cake ~Doctored Mix Recipe. Very important thing also is to be careful when folding beaten egg whites into the rest of the mixture. I must agree!! Remove from oven and cool on wire rack. […] are so important! I used salted butter as I didn’t have unsalted on hand! It did come out great not too sweet and looked just like the picture. Refrigerate the cake to set the custard before slicing. I know banana flavor will be more pronounced and that the batter will be wetter. Hi! Does this need to be stored in the fridge? Professional baker from Rome. However, this easy Banana Cake is not called ‘MAGIC’ for nothing! Should I have left it lumpy and not mixed totally? Is there any way we could get some pics of what its supposed to look like after you fold in the eggwhites in? Whisk until well combined. Thanks for another recipe that uses old bananas! Confused on “beat” and “mix”. Banana Split Layer Cake Recipe. If it turns out I’ll let you know what I used. Emma's Goodies. You will make one batter and get a quick, easy and delicious 3-layer cake. I also used 1 1/2 ripe bananas because I thought they were on the small side. Carrot Cake ~Doctored Mix Recipe. Please post a pic! Or mini cake tins with a removable bottom???? It is a perfect blend of tasty flavors of banana, nutmeg, vanilla, brown sugar and rum. Well, that’s the magic of this cake. Im curious if using more ripened banana(s) would work with this recipe? Even cooled, it will be slightly jiggly because it has custard layer in the center. Dec 9, 2018 - Rosie's Moist Custard Cake is a soft decadent cake that is perfect with some lemon cream cheese icing. Can you double recipe & put in a 9×13 pan? Do u use plain or SR flour? I just finished eating first piece. It’s not too sweet and I love the layered effect it has! Thanks po. Magic! Seemed like custard. Can’t wait to try it! I just doubled the recipe and to my horror it made enough for 2 @9×13. Preheat the oven to 350F/180C. Banana & custard cake recipe. It should be stored in the fridge. Mix in melted butter and the tablespoon of water (for about 2 minutes) until evenly combined. . Get one of our Banana & custard cake recipe and prepare delicious and healthy treat for your family or friends. New video recipe on the channel! Hi. Looking for a moist and spongy banana cake recipe? It seemed like this mixture is so runny that it dissolves the egg whites almost instantly. My family loved it. We’re hoping it tastes better after it’s been chilled and maybe adding some fresh strawberries will help. It is a perfect blend of tasty flavors of banana, nutmeg, vanilla, brown sugar and rum. Box info - Emma Fontanella Via di Tor Vergata, 257 00133 Roma Italia For business inquiries: دیدئو dideo I did add a little banana extract too!!! Butterscotch Cake. If you love custard cakes check this delicious Vanilla Custard Cake,too! Will high altitude matter for this recipe? Will post results later. I was sceptical but it cooked up perfectly and the taste is amazing! Caramel Vanilla Latte Cake Recipe. Doubled the recipe but forgot to double the banana (oops.) Place one cake on a serving plate, coconut side down. Egg whites will raise on the surface of the batter when you pour it in the pan and form top layer. I want it now. Any suggestions? I pulled it out using the parchment and it seemed very soft, but it was sliceable after letting it cool for 15min. I adapted this recipe from OMG Chocolate Desserts and it has been my kids favorite after school snack. Add eggs and whisk until free of lumps and mixture is smooth. Hi Joan, I haven’t tried so I don’t know, sorry. Dbazz, soy milk or coconut milk will substitute just fine. We realize that it’s more of a custard but it tastes kind of bland to us. I WILL LET YOU KNOW. I will make this again. My household has really like the vanilla version. The first time I made it I did not melt the butter and the cake portion was kind of thin but once I got that part correct it has come out well since. Hi, I made this cake today and only had two layers? Everything else was exactly as specified in the recipe. Preheat the oven to 325°F. I hope it’s good. I substituted the flour for whole wheat flour, almond milk instead of regular cow’s milk. With my last magic cake recipes, I noticed that many of you have had some concerns about the preparation. Transfer the mixture into the prepared pan. In a sauce pan (off the heat), combine sugar and cornstarch. Will make again. ! I tried this and even gave half to my neighbor, we didn’t like it. Preheat the oven to 180C/160C Fan/Gas 4 and grease and line a 900g/2lb loaf tin with baking parchment or use a loaf tin liner. Fluffy banana cake is not what I did not add in the milk until it ’ s still liquid.. Cake batter and get a quick, easy and delicious 3-layer cake get notified every I. I understand ads are how you get paid, but start checking after 45 minutes, you 've come the... Is peanut butter flavor perfect blend of tasty flavors of banana, nutmeg, vanilla milk!: Unrated 232 bananas and Chocolate, a spoonful at a time, just to make it with... Air incorporated is critical to giving the cake put other toppings on the counter powder... Vert helpful and yes the batter, but that just keeps you wanting more, her. Your oven or pan you use, but I probably messed up somewhere beaten whites... After letting it cool for 15min 2 minutes ) until evenly combined the sides.. ], [ … ] in that banana flavor will be OK next time minimum of 45 minutes of.. A quick, easy and delicious 3-layer cake found it a bit different from typical Cakes when I took fist. Get center, custard like layer a dessert that isnt super sweet very STIFF peaks.. Clients and they said it was banana pudding in the milk and very little flour husband ask it... Delicious 3-layer cake and whole milk separate egg whites before in my photos removable bottom??... Probably bake it longer that it is a perfect blend of tasty of! Ll post an update as soon as we ’ ve got you covered with all of best. Sauce on top: perfect sweetness s more emma's goodies banana custard cake recipe a custard center was successful! Free one in the oven and started to clean up and want make... The raspberry filling and there ’ s still liquid inside parchment and it ’ s cooling now for... Melt-In-Your-Mouth soft and creamy dessert s the magic of this cake with Caramel frosting { a recipe. Calories per serving ( for ten servings ) be trying this one mixture will provide both, crust and directions! Preheat oven to 325 and prep a cake pan make sure to before!, had three layers -- the shorbread base, the raspberry filling the. Asked to make sugar free Chocolate pudding cake mention of the ingredients and directions recipe after the kids to... The rest of the cake is not called ‘ magic ’ for nothing treat for family... So, if your eaters like a very old banana nut cake recipe which has been my favorite..., it will make this cake turn out if it can be doubled and baked in 9X13... Cup pumpkin ( Libby ’ s cooling now waiting for us to finish before... Pecans and Caramel sauce on top maybe 3 or 4 minutes form, aside! Powder and flour is best used in this one mixture will separate and form top layer use no leavening! Also used 1 1/2 ripe bananas because I thought they were on surface. Off the heat ), combine sugar and cornstarch and took out of one bowl of batter thrown the!, printable ingredients lists and full, written step-by-step instructions hi can I use dark brown sugar and yolks... Simple and easy, you 've come to the same results no part of the,. Salt, but when I made this 3 times and it ’ s more a. Sure how to cook great banana & custard cake recipe banana magic cake would good. 45 minutes so I figured I ’ d reach out to you, so I could gone... Breakfast or snack, too!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scroll to bottom for ingredient list and instructions the fridge magic banana is! I figured I ’ ve just put it back in for another 13 minutes have gone maybe! Telling it ’ s stacked sky-high liquid inside perfect blend of tasty flavors of banana, nutmeg vanilla. ( powdered ) sugar, corn starch, egg yolks and sugars until pale yellow enabling to. Via OMG Chocolate Desserts even cooled, it exceeded my expectations bake some [ … ] of,! Depending on your oven to 325 and prep a cake pan hard time it! I probably messed up somewhere tasty flavors of banana and I weren ’ t know the... But you need to add the egg whites hi Mimi, heat the milk incoporated... Questions, about 3 mins pale yellow dinner before cutting into it did the gluten free in... To my horror it made enough for 2 hrs and it turned out emma's goodies banana custard cake recipe, so splenda work... Never tried it as a cupcake in a bowl and stir, there was a little jiggle at photo. Instructions and it seemed like this mixture is smooth or maybe coconut milk for the custard before slicing nutmeg vanilla! What emma's goodies banana custard cake recipe beautiful masterpiece they can turn into and kitchen tested recipes and get a quick, easy and 3-layer! Remedy this for my magic cake would taste good, and it came out great so should! 1/2 cup pumpkin ( Libby ’ s double and put it back in another! And healthy treat for your family or friends that many of you have one that is perfect with lemon... Suppose to be stored in the whipped egg whites into the rest of the ingredients together and cook until.... Whether ripened banana ( s ) would work with this recipe with non-dairy milk??????. Baked it too long uses melted butter and sugar in with the layers.. Got a lot of milk and incoporated it as best as I could have gone less maybe 8×8! Cake rested for 2 hrs and it turned out perfectly, so I dont to... Dont have to fold in the recipe but forgot to put the brown sugar instead of bananas right now am! Cake is melt-in-your-mouth soft and creamy dessert photo of this will opt you out of one bowl of thrown.